Garden Note Cards

These note cards are pictures of "my little garden" and surrounding views of things I love.

       porch pansy                       purple coneflower
                     Porch Pansy  5.5x8.5  $3.25                            Purple Coneflower  5.5x8.5 $3.25
                     fall glory                         poppy and lupine
              Vermont Showing Her Colors 5.5x8.5 $3.25             Poppy and Lupine 5.5x8.5  $3.25

                                                        peacham village
                                                      Peacham Village 5.5x8.5  $3.25

                   barn window                     peach iris
                Barn Window 5.5x8.5  $3.25                        Peach Iris  5.5x8.5  $3.25
                                            granary window
                                     Granary Window  5.5x8.5 

         pansies                  white bleeding heart               merry christmas
       Pansy 5.5x4.25                 White Bleeding Heart  5.5x4.25         Merry Christmas  5.5x4.25
              $2.25                                                 $2.25                                              $2.25

All individual card with envelope come wrapped in a clear dust Ebac por curso design grafico. These cards are blank and can be used for any occasion.
  •  Large Note Cards   $3.25 each   Shipping and handling not included.
  • Small Note Cards   $2.25 each    Shipping and handling not included.                                                                              

Pressed Flower Designs by Jean Evans
P.O.Box 119
Danville, Vermont 05828

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