Supporting Psychoanalysis in Michigan through financial support to the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute.
How You Can Help

By making a donation to the Foundation, you help support us in making psychoanalytic ideas and understanding accessible to the interested public.  Your donation will help ensure that educators, scholars, students and others have access to thoughtful, reliable information on mental health issues.

The Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute is an IRS 501(c)(3) organization, and receives no government funding.  Our programs are funded through tuition, membership dues, and generous donations from supporters in the community who value the contributions psychoanalysis has made to the intellectual discourse and the application of psychoanalytic understanding to aspects of everyday life.

Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.  Donations of any amount are most welcome, and can be earmarked for any program area of particular interest to the donor.

Supporting Psychoanalysis

The Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute and Michigan Psychoanalytic Society are supported financially by the Michigan Psychoanalytic Foundation, which also supports outreach and public information on psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic ideas as part of its mission.

Board of Trustees

Nancy Blake, M.A.

Richard Ruzumna, M.D.

Jane S. Miller, J.D.

Nazish Siddiqui, B.S.N., M.B.A.

Aisha Abbasi, M.D.
Anton Babushkin, Ph.D.
Carol Barbour, Ph.D.
Ronald Benson, M.D.
Melvin Bornstein, M.D.
Susan Cutler, Ph.D.
David R. Dietrich, Ph.D.
Nancy Dietrich, Ph.D.
Jonathan Dorfman
Lena Ehrlich, Psy.D.
Harvey H. Falit, M.D.
Barbara Friedman, M.S.W.
Stephen Friedman
Stephanie Gilkey, M.S.
Barbara Hillman, M.A., M.Ed.
Ann Katz, Ph.D.
Sanford Koltonow, M.D.
Michael Kratchman, J.D.

Harold Kulish
Nancy Kulish, Ph.D.
Robert MacDonell, M.A.
Marvin Margolis, M.D., Ph.D.
Barry Miller, M.D.
Kathleen Moore, Ph.D.
Julie Nagel, Ph.D.
Louis Nagel, D.M.A.
Jeffrey Parcells, M.D.
Carrie Banks Patterson, M.S.W.
Patricia Plopa, Ph.D.
Sonia Pone, Ph.D., L.M.S.W.
Dwarakanath G. Rao, M.D.
Robin Rayford, M.A.
Shari Rogers, Ph.D.
Sally Rosenberg, D.O.
Marvin L. Starman, M.D.
Karen Colby Weiner, Ph.D.

Community Advisory Board

Gary Eisenberg, J.D.
Barbara Gordon, L.M.S.W
Rosalind Griffin, M.D.
Sharon Hochman, Ph.D.
David B. Holtzman
Deanna Holtzman, Ph.D.

Caren Landau, M.S.W.
Reuben A. Munday, J.D.
Allan Rein, J.D.
Janette Shallal, M.S.W.
Ruth Siegel
Donald Silver, M.D.