COVID-19 Helpline

For Frontline Healthcare Workers During the Coronovirus Pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone, most of all patients and their families and the frontline healthcare workers treating them. Frontline workers include everyone on the healthcare team affected by the pandemic, whether they provide direct care or are members of support, maintenance, food service or administrative staff. Frontline workers have extremely long and stressful days, with little time and energy to regroup and consider their own well-being. These workers need time and space to decompress, share their experiences, and refresh their minds to meet the challenges of the next day at work.

What is the MPI Helpline Initiative?

Psychoanalysts and psychotherapists affiliated with the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute and Society have begun an initiative to provide emotional support and assistance to frontline health care workers fighting the coronavirus pandemic. During the months of April, May and June, experienced clinicians will offer up to 5 free virtual sessions to any staff member involved in, or affected by, the coronavirus pandemic.

What Can We Help With?

Stress can take many forms. If you have burnout feelings, irritability, excessive worrying or sadness, difficulty sleeping, feelings of inadequacy at work, numbness, or feeling alone, we can help.

How Do We Help?

The reactions to an unprecedented event like a pandemic are complicated. They involve an interaction between inner strengths and vulnerabilities and the demands of outer realities. Your first virtual call or video visit will help you to map out inner and outer experience, and create a plan to address specific issues and concerns that were identified. The number of sessions is variable and hard to predict until a first consultation has taken place. The goal of the consultation is to provide relief through greater understanding as well as practical suggestions. You will be invited to consider the usefulness of further work beyond the first few sessions.


All sessions are completely confidential. No information can be disclosed without your permission.

How to Reach Us

We have two separate call lines, one for Ann Arbor and one for metro Detroit.

Ann Arbor: To make a private, confidential appointment or to get more information, please call 734-677-1590. We will return calls within 24 hours to set up a first virtual appointment.
Metro Detroit: To make a private, confidential appointment or to get more information, please call 248-873-5950. We will return calls that are not answered directly within 24 hours to set up a first virtual or phone appointment.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay