Seminar Series for Clinicians

Stand alone courses on topics of interest to practicing psychotherapists.

Seminar Series for Clinicians

These courses are designed for new as well as experienced psychotherapists who, preferably, have undertaken a personal analysis or intensive psychotherapy. Each course stands on its own, so a clinician may choose to take one or any number of these courses. Class discussions are enriched by the intellectually stimulating combination of experienced instructors along with an experienced group of class participants.

These classes meet weekly for 4-6 weeks in Farmington Hills or Ann Arbor. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced level courses are offered and provide the opportunity to study a variety of theoretical, clinical, and applied topics from a psychoanalytic perspective.

 These courses carry CME/CE credits.

For more information or to register, contact Program Administrator Monica Evans.

Individualized Continuing Education Courses

Individualized courses can be developed for groups of six or more participants to be given either at the Farmington Hills or Ann Arbor MPI buildings, or at another mutually agreed upon site. The background and interests of the group members will determine the content, as well as the format of the class. Mental health professionals may request

1) a didactic course, focusing upon a particular subject of interest,
2) a clinical case discussion in which clinical material is presented and
discussed, or
3) a study group in which an MPI faculty member can act as facilitator.

Members of professional groups outside of the mental health community, such as teachers, attorneys, physicians, clergy, academics, and others, may request courses in their particular area of interest in which a psychoanalytic perspective would be helpful.

Community groups may request courses in subjects which would be of interest to their clientele. These might include interests in developing a further understanding of such life experiences as child development, parenting, aging, divorce, illness, or death.

Questions may be directed to either program directors or program administrator.

To meet our faculty and current students and hear about our programs, you are welcome to join us at the Annual MPI Open House.

Program Administrator

Program Administrator

Monica Evans

248 851 3380