The Institute Library has 2,000 volumes, the major psychoanalytic journals, and access to the PEP-Web database

The library is open for candidates during class hours and for all others by appointment. The catalog is available online.

Other Useful Research Resources

Pep-Web Database
For a free, searchable, online bibliography of psychoanalytic journal articles, books, and book reviews with over 34,000 entries.
CORE Research Bibliography
The Committee on Research and Education (CORE) of the American Psychoanalytic Association has a new bibliography on research supporting psychoanalysis as a treatment.
Hanns Sachs Library
The Hanns Sachs Library at the Boston Psychoanalytic Institute and Society is a good source for obscure articles and hard-to-find books. Librarian assistance is available for a fee.
National Library of Medicine
Access PubMed, which provides access to over 12 million MEDLINE citations back to the mid-1960’s and additional life science journals, and includes links to sites providing full text articles and other related resources.