Advanced training in psychoanalysis enables you to deepen the work you do, and to help people effectively change their lives.

Psychoanalytic Training encompasses programs to serve the
varied needs of interested professionals.

These programs carry CME/CE credits.

Application deadline for 2020-2021 is June 30, 2020.

The Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute offers a wide variety of educational opportunities for clinicians. We have programs for every level of experience, from graduate school to training as a psychoanalyst, and also welcome academic professionals from other fields who would like to relate psychoanalysis to their work. We cover both Adult and Child/Adolescent topics, and emphasize modern psychoanalytic theories and techniques without losing touch with the basic tenets that have characterized psycho- analytic thought from the beginning—that we have unconscious thoughts, feelings and fantasies, that experiences from early in life stay with us into adulthood, and that talking is the best cure we know for many psychological problems.

Feel free to contact any director about what program would be best for you. Also take a look at the programs you can be working towards and programs that you could recommend to others!