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Psychoanalytic Professionals Help Their Patients Live Fuller and More Satisfying Lives
Why Psychoanalysis?

People consult with a psychoanalyst for many reasons. Psychoanalytic thinking provides a unique, comprehensive basis for understanding and helping the human being. Its insights allow psychoanalytic professionals to help our patients—adults and children—to live fuller and more satisfying lives, when internal problems have previously caused them painful symptoms, difficulties in behavior, mood, and self-esteem, and significant limitations in their relationships, work, school or personal achievements.

Psychoanalysis and the psychoanalytic therapies help people achieve better inner integration, happier ways of being alive, greater self-understanding, and the ability to move ahead and to grow. In addition to its insights allowing us to help adults and children, some of us have additional experience applying these insights to helping organizations function better when interpersonal dynamics interfere.

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