Is Psychoanalysis right for me?


Psychoanalysis in Michigan




Psychoanalysis is a method of intensive therapy that helps people understand their own mind, especially how they experience relationships, and what drives their thoughts, feelings, wishes, and behavior.


The Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute is a premiere training institute for psychoanalysts in the United States. The Michigan Psychoanalytic Society provides professional programs for area psychoanalysts. We are affiliated with the American Psychoanalytic Association.


Psychoanalysis is not the same as what Freud practiced over 100 years ago. In fact, psychoanalytic clinician-researchers have continued to explore the complexity of the human mind and brain in order to improve the effectiveness of contemporary psychoanalytic treatment.

Seeking Help

We have over 100 highly-qualified psychoanalysts practicing in Southeastern Michigan.

What is Psychoanalysis?

Psychoanalysis is the basis of all talking therapies. Psychoanalysis and the psychoanalytic therapies help people achieve better inner integration, happier ways of being alive, greater self-understanding, and the ability to move ahead and to grow.

Low-Fee MPI Clinic

If you are interested in seeking help from a psychoanalytic perspective, yet have limited financial resources, MPI offers psychoanalysis and psychotherapy on a slide-scale fee basis through our MPI Clinical Services.

Psychoanalytic Training

Psychoanalytic Training is an intensive, advanced program to learn the practice of psychoanalysis, using coursework, individual supervision of cases, and a personal analysis.
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Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Programs

The psychotherapy programs are open to academics and professionals in other disciplines as well as to mental health professionals.
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Continuing Education Classes

Courses specifically designed for mental health clinicians, academics, and other members of the community are offered throughout the academic year.
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Symposium and Scientific Programs

The Michigan Psychoanalytic Society offers regular Scientific Programs and an annual Symposium.
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